Data Protection Policy

The Cam Valley Wildlife Group Data Protection Policy has been updated in the light of the new General Data Protection Regulations that are now in force. We will be reviewing this policy in the light of further information and discussion on an ongoing basis, so it may be changed and you may find if you have been to this page before that the policy upon it is different than before. Our website is a WordPress site and is an Automattic website. Automattic have published a Privacy Policy in response to the new General Data Protection Regulations, that spells out how they collect, use and share information.


Cam Valley Wildlife Group Data Protection Policy

Members of the group and other individuals with whom we have contact, provide us with 2 categories of data, non-personal data such as records of species seen including when and where recorded, and personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regulate the way that personal data is protected in the European Union. They go further than the Data Protection Act and will be supported by a new UK law upon leaving the EU. All organisations in the UK are required to comply with the regulations.

Policy on personal data

“Personal data” is defined as “any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier”.

The personal data Cam Valley Wildlife Group holds in respect of members comprises



Telephone numbers

Email addresses

Group identification number

Wildlife & conservation interests

Dates of birth of children below 16 years of age

Online identifiers

Images in photographs

We also hold personal data (as listed for members above) in respect of non-members for particular purposes and personal data can be attached to non-personal data such as records, by agreement (see policy on non-personal data below).

We will only use personal data for the following administrative purposes:

  • Collection of subscriptions and membership renewal

  • Maintaining records of membership

  • Maintaining records of attendance and interests

  • Mailing newsletters, events programmes and other relevant information

  • Making contact in connection with Cam Valley Wildlife Group activities, interests or business where appropriate

  • Where attached to non-personal data entries by agreement with the provider

  • Other use by agreement/request – for example attributions/authorship in the Newsletter

Processing of personal data for CVWG purposes will be undertaken solely by those members who are empowered to do so in line with the group’s Constitution (delegated individuals, teams, working parties, committees).

The EU defines processing as covering:

“a wide range of operations performed on personal data, including by manual or automated means. It includes the collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data.”

Personal data will be made available to delegated individuals and teams for the purposes set out above, subject to any processing restrictions agreed in accordance with the rights of citizens set out in the GDPR. Delegated individuals include volunteers of the group involved in organising or leading Cam Valley Wildlife Group activities.

Some personal data (of non-members) will be processed solely by a particular member or particular members of the group, as agreed with the citizen concerned (an example of the citizen’s right to restrict use of their personal data). For example, a landowner on whose land a project is being conducted may wish the processing of their data to be conducted solely by a particular member or members.

Personal data will only be retained as long as it is relevant to administration as described above. The personal data of members will be deleted one year after non-payment of the membership fee unless there is some outstanding administrative reason. The processing of the personal data of non-members will be GDPR-compliant and its control and processing will vary according to circumstance. Appendix 1 contains the CVWG email account information message, CVWG website contact message, messages sent to people who follow our blog and mailings to members and contacts regarding their personal data and rights under the GDPR.

Personal data will be retained in electronic and non-electronic formats and appropriate measures will be taken regarding security. Privacy notices will be posted on our website, membership form, membership renewal form and attached to emails.

There is some historic personal data already in the public domain. It continues to be acceptable to retain historic publications like club newsletters or journals that include members’ personal information in the public domain or in a public archive. Personal data includes images of people. CVWG (through individuals acting on behalf of the members) may publish images to publicise its activities or promote enjoyment of wildlife from time to time. Some of these images will include people.

People whose personal data the group controls and processes will be informed of the following at the time that their data is obtained:

  1. What personal information about them will be held.

  2. Why it is being held.

  3. Who controls it and how to contact the body/person holding it.

  4. How long it will beheld.

  5. What will and will not be done with it.

  6. How they can access it and get errors rectified.

  7. How they can easily withdraw their consent to its use.

  8. Their right to have its processing restricted or to have it erased in certain reasonable circumstances defined in the regulations.

  9. Their right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority or to seek a judicial remedy.

  10. How to access our Data Protection policy.

We will not make personal data available to any third party without permission. If we are asked for personal data we will inform individuals concerned so that they can contact the requester if they so wish. Members and others are encouraged to report any potential personal data breach to the group.

If it is known or suspected that there has been a personal data breach, the Coordinating Team should be contacted by mailing camvalleywildlife@ and/or writing to the Team c/o 59 Lower Whitelands, Radstock, BA3 3JP. The Coordinating Team will investigate whether any breach has taken place and take any practical measures further required to meet compliance with the Regulations.

Non-Personal data

Non Personal data falls outside the scope of the General Data Protection Regulations but is subject to the Environmental Information Regulations. We believe that our policy is in line with the regulations.


Unless otherwise stated by the provider, where an individual or organisation provides Cam Valley Wildlife Group with a copy of data which they have collected, or collated, then the copy of such data shall be the property of the Cam Valley Wildlife Group. The original data shall remain the property of the provider.

Such data shall form part of the Cam Valley Wildlife Group central database.

We may make data from our central database available to such members of the Group, or to such external agencies as the Coordinating Team or their delegates think appropriate, provided that the reason it is required is in line with our Group Aims and provided it is to be used for legitimate purposes that will benefit wildlife.

Where Cam Valley Wildlife Group makes such data available to external agencies we will exclude any personal data, except by agreement with the person concerned. Any personal data we hold in connection with non-personal data (for example the names of collectors and determiners) is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations and will be controlled in line with our policy on personal data above. In addition, should we become aware that such personal information passed on is inaccurate, we will contact recipients of the inaccuracy unless it is impossible or involves disproportionate effort, in line with the regulations.

v. 23.06.2018