Barn Owl Project Outline

Cam Valley Wildlife Group Barn Owl project aims and objectives

Project Leader: Gary Kingman

Project aims: To improve the status of Barn Owls in the Cam Valley Wildlife Group area.

Project activities: barnowlinflight_annmead

  • Carrying out surveys in our area in order to monitor population changes

  • Increasing breeding opportunities by putting up nest boxes in suitable sites and areas

  • Encouraging Landowners to manage the habitat appropriately

  • Safeguarding nest sites by regular monitoring

  • Inspecting nest boxes to establish breeding success levels

  • Maintaining good relationships with landowners and keeping them informed of progress

  • Feeding survey results into local and national recording schemes such as Bristol & Somerset Environmental Records Centres, Hawk and Owl Trust, Barn Owl Trust, County Bird Recorders and Natural England.

What we have achieved:

When we started the project, Barn Owls were thought to be extinct as a breeding species in the area, but our project has been successful in turning this right around and we now have a healthy population. To read about the history of the project, what we have achieved and the 2016 report, please follow the links opposite.

How to get involved:

Contact: Gary Kingman on 07960269022 or mail

Drawing: Barn Owl in flight by Ann Mead – not to be reproduced without permission.

This project outline can be downloaded here.