Barn Owl Project

The Cam Valley Wildlife Group Barn Owl Project  barnowlinflight_annmead

The Cam Valley Wildlife Group Barn Owl project started in 1994 when Barn owls were under severe threat nationally and thought to be extinct as a breeding species in what at the time was the county of Avon.

In 2016, 14 pairs bred in the Cam Valley Wildlife Group area, the 3rd best year on record.

The success of this project is due to a combination of factors – the dedication and expertise of the team, liaison with other national and local groups and, critically, working with landowners. To learn more about the project, please follow the links opposite.

How to get involved:

Contact the project leader, Gary Kingman on 07960269022 or mail

Drawing: Barn Owl in flight by Ann Mead – not to be reproduced without permission.