August wildlife

Another good month for insects and flora, with berries starting to appear. Still a quiet time for birds.


Yew fruits ripen.

Bramble berries appear.

Elderberries, haws, Rowan berries, sloes, Dog Rose hips and Guelder Rose fruit develop.

Alder trees bear their green cone-like fruits and Beech nuts appear.

Cuckoo-pint (Lords-and-Ladies) berries ripen.

Japanese Knotweed in flower!


Tawny Owls start calling to establish next year’s territory.

Swifts and Blackcaps start to depart.


Burnet Moth caterpillars feeding on legumes.

Garden Tiger Moth caterpillars (hairy Marys or woolly bears) feeding on docks and dandelions.

Second generation: Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Comma, Common Blue and Holly Blue on the wing.

Butterfly caterpillars include: Marbled White, Gatekeeper, Ringlet and Small Skipper.


Badgers collect bedding.

Bats are actively feeding, with pups becoming independent feeders too. Males beginning to search for a mate.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Adder and Slow-worm young are born.

Grass Snake eggs hatch.

 Header: Small copper butterfly (Lycaena phlaeas), Haydon, Radstock