CVWG Events programme

CVWG EVENTS Summer 2021

Insect events

As not all insect events are in our events programme, we are compiling a notifications list for people interested in attending them. Insect events are weather-dependent and some are arranged at short notice or are ad hoc. If you wish to be placed on our insect event notifications list, please contact and you will be mailed to alert you to events.

Please note that holding events is subject to Government guidelines on Covid-19 precautions.

31 July  – Moth trapping on Haydon Batch

We will be running moth traps from dusk for a number of hours at Haydon Batch and will have an expert (or two!) on hand to identify what we see and check the trap contents. The moths will be released either at the time or the next evening.

All are welcome.

The entrance to Haydon Batch is next to the Haydon Allotments and Haydon Village Hall (Haydon Cue & Social Club), Kilmersdon Rd, Haydon, Radstock, BA3 2DQ.

Contact details: or phone 01761 435563

CVWG Events Spring 2021

Cam Valley Wildlife Group events are back! Events for April to June include those listed below, our programme of botany walks, which runs to September, ad hoc invertebrate/insect events and ongoing project work. If you are interested in attending any invertebrate walks or insect field events taking place from April to June, please contact or Deborah on 01761 435563. Ongoing project work takes place as and when. Please contact the relevant project leader if you would like to be involved – contact details are on the project pages.

CVWG project and conservation-related activities are not all posted on our website, so if you wish to join in please go to the relevant project page for contact details or send us a message via the Contacts page. Please note that insect and other invertebrate events are usually weather-dependent and some take place on an ad hoc basis. If you wish to go on the list of people interested in attending such events in the future (when restrictions allow) please contact Deborah via or on 01761 435563 .

If you need any more information about CVWG Events please phone or text Judy on 07460 278311