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Cam Valley Wildlife Group is an independent local wildlife group actively involved in wildlife conservation and enjoyment. The group’s area, with its interesting and diverse wildlife, covers approximately 300 square kilometres and is based on the catchments of the Cam and Wellow Brooks. We conduct a number of specific recording and conservation projects within our area and have a programme of events both within and outside our area, including talks on a range of wildlife subjects, walks and trips.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, our activities are largely on hold, but we are still collecting records and posting on the website, so if you have any local wildlife sightings please continue to send them in. We will send out a message (via our blog) when our events are up and running again.

We send out news via our blog, including notice of website changes, additional events and other organisations’ events, so you might find it useful to follow it. Blog messages can also be accessed on the Message Board. We welcome wildlife sightings, comments and queries through the comments facilities and the Contact page .

We have a low membership fee of only £5.00 to promote accessibility. You can find out about benefits to members and join the group via the Membership page.

Our website is a WordPress site and wordpress.com is an Automattic website. Automattic have published a Privacy Policy in response to the new General Data Protection Regulations, that spells out how they collect, use and share information. Cam Valley Wildlife Group has updated its Data Protection Policy in response to the regulations and it is available on our Data Protection Policy page.

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CVWG events under review (Covid 19)

CVWG is currently monitoring the coronavirus Covid 19 situation regarding its programme of events. For trips and talks please check with Judy beforehand, on a case-by-case basis; for insect events and workdays, please check beforehand with the event leader. Contact details are given on the Events programme page. We will post details of the 2020  … Continue reading CVWG events under review (Covid 19)

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