Butterfly, Dragonfly and Damselfly project

Cam Valley Wildlife Group Butterfly, Dragonfly & Damselfly Project

Project Leader: Chris Iles

Project aims: To build a database of Butterfly, Dragonfly & Damselfly records in the Cam Valley Wildlife Group area.

Project activities: southern-hawker-by-ann-mead

  • Carrying out surveys in the area

  • Encouraging others to submit records

  • Compiling a database from the surveys and records submitted

  • Exchanging records with local records centres, and national and regional conservation organisations

  • Safeguarding species and valuable habitat by regular monitoring and liaison with landowners

  • Increasing public knowledge of the species in  the area through field trips

  • Maintaining good relationships with landowners and keeping them informed of findings

  • Maintaining good relationships with other relevant organisations: e.g. Butterfly Conservation, British Dragonfly Society and Buglife.

How to get involved:

Contact Chris via camvalleywildlife@gmail.com

Drawing: Southern Hawker dragonfly by  Ann Mead – not to be reproduced without permission.

Header: Beautiful demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo).

This project outline can be downloaded here.