Insect project

Cam Valley Wildlife Group Insect Project Aims and Objectives

The group runs two invertebrate projects at present – the Insect project, which is a general project covering all groups, and the Butterfly, Dragonfly and Damselfly project, which has its own page on the website.

Insect project

Project Leader: Deborah Porterrufous-shouldered-longhorn-beetle-by-ann-mead

Project aims: To build a database of records of insects and other invertebrates in the Cam Valley Wildlife Group area; to develop expertise in insect identification; to develop understanding of insect ecology; to aid the conservation of insects in our area.

Project activities: 

  • Carrying out surveys in the area

  • Encouraging others to submit records

  • Compiling a database from the surveys and records submitted

  • Exchanging records with local records centres, and national and regional conservation organisations

  • Field trips and ‘bug hunts’

  • Creation of, and involvement in, initiatives and projects with insect conservation objectives

How to get involved:

Contact Deborah via or on 01761 435563 (answer machine) .

Drawing: Rufous-shouldered Longhorn beetle by  Ann Mead – not to be reproduced without permission

Header: Scarce Fungus Weevil (Platyrhinus resinosus), Radstock.

This project outline can be downloaded here.